The corporate DNA of Love To Learn

Love To Learn helps people learn Maths better. Through our partnership with, a technology company, we conduct Maths lessons through virtual classrooms so great learning can take place anytime, anywhere. Our Why: Help our students to achieve academic success in the most effective and engaging mannerBe a friend, a mentor and a teacher in the … Continue reading The corporate DNA of Love To Learn

Clarity, Confidence, Curiosity

Beyond grades, I influenced my students in every contact we make. I sum up this influence with three words: Clarity, Confidence, Curiosity. Clarity Clarity refers to clarity in my student’s understanding. It means understanding how a formula is to be used, understanding a concept, or understanding why a certain worked example was like that. Without … Continue reading Clarity, Confidence, Curiosity

Mastery-based Tuition

If your child goes to a tuition centre with class size larger than 15, this is very likely what your child experiences: When teachers go through examples or explains concepts, it is usually targeted to the whole class. The bigger the class, the lesser time each student will get to ask questions to clarify their … Continue reading Mastery-based Tuition

Tap into your subconscious mind to do better in Maths

Doing well in Maths is about practice. How much practice can make you better in Maths? Personally, I believe it's like driving. You become good when your subconscious mind takes over. Let me explain. My driving experience... When I just started driving on the road, it was confusing and very stressful. I had to pay … Continue reading Tap into your subconscious mind to do better in Maths