How Big Is My Class?

I only coach in Micro Groups of maximum 2 students for maximum impact.

In Micro Group setting, learners experience the benefits of:

  1. Attentiveness from tutor
  2. Customized learning plans for every learner
  3. Peer support and camaraderie

When you come for the Trial Class, you will get a better idea of what a Micro Group coaching feels like.

How Are Lessons Conducted?

We follow the LEAP framework which is created by me to help students learn effectively and naturally.

L is for LOGIC
This is where I break down complex Maths concepts and formulas to its building blocks. I use everyday examples to make Maths easy and intuitive.
What I don’t do is to say, this is the formula, memorize and use it.

Once the learners have a solid understanding of what the concepts and formulas are about, they will learn about how they are applied in exam questions.
We study in detail how to properly present the logic to score well in exams.

We analyse tough exam questions.
Through facilitation, I guide learners to discover the solutions step by step, so that they learn the skills of tackling unfamiliar questions, independently.
No spoon-feeding here.

After learners have achieved understanding, I will coach them to perform in exams.
The key to performance in exams in to internalise what they have learnt, and make their knowledge into a kind of muscle memory.
The way to do that is by appropriate and targeted practice.
The right difficulty, the right amount, at the right time.

Lesson Schedule

For 2021 lesson schedules, please contact Jason.

All lessons are conducted online through a virtual classroom powered by

Watch demo video here.

Duration and Frequency

Recommendation duration for each class is 1.5 to 2 hours.

Recommended frequency is to meet once per week.

Extra lessons can be arranged based on learner’s needs.

Taking Action

Still not sure if I am the one to help your child?
I can empathize with that.
Why not come for a free trial class?

Feel free to reach out

If you have any further questions, feel free to contact me at or WhatsApp.
Even if I cannot serve you due to schedule clashes or other reasons, I might still be able to tap into my network of excellent tutors and give you some solid recommendations.

Great to hear from you!

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