Lesson schedule

Classes can be arranged to be as early as 10 am till as late as 10.30pm, from Monday to Friday. No classes on weekends.


All lessons are conducted online through a virtual classroom powered by ClassDo.com.

Watch demo video here.

Lesson Rates (revised as per June 2019)

Lower Secondary MathsS$ 120 per lesson (1.5 hours)
O-levels E Maths / Add MathsS$ 150 per lesson (1.5 hours)
A-levels H2 Maths:S$ 240 per lesson (2 hours)
Engineering / Business Maths / StatisticsS$ 240 per lesson (2 hours)

Duration and Frequency:

Recommendation duration for each class is 1.5 to 2 hours.

Recommended frequency is to meet 1-2 times per week, so that the learning momentum is achieved.

There were special cases in which I customised the lesson duration and frequency to cater to learners’ special needs. If you feel that this applies to your child, please contact me directly.

Take Action

If you are keen to learn Maths from me, I’d like you to schedule for a First Impressions trial class. First Impressions is my proprietary way to assess whether there is a teacher-learner synergy so that I can help you better.

Got questions?

Feel free to contact me at jason@lovetolearnsg.com. Even if I cannot serve you due to schedule clashes or other reasons, I might still be able to tap into my network of excellent tutors and give you some solid recommendations.

Great to hear from you!

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