First Impressions are the trial classes I conduct before learners enrolled in my classes formally. This is a very important part of your effective learning journey.

Why do trial class?

The First Impressions session is necessary because I understand that everyone’s time is precious.

I want to be confident to teach your child, before I even accept your child into our class. If I find that I cannot teach your child due to various reasons, I would rather communicate to you upfront, rather than go after your money and quit on you after a few ineffective lessons.

That is why I don’t usually jump right into intensive learning the first time we meet. I believe in taking time to build the right foundation. If you recall your first day at work, it was never meant to do any serious work, right?

The casual interaction during the First Impressions allows me to understand your child’s learning style. You will get some new understanding about your child’s learning challenges and abilities.

How Is It Like?

The First Impressions is not a sales presentation. It is more like a Q&A session where the tutor, the learner and the parent get to know each other better. It is a 5-step process:

Step 1: During the session, I want to introduce myself to your child. I share some of my life stories. I share about our own learning journey. I want to establish rapport with your child.

Step 2: I want to chat with your child, about how she is doing in school and the challenges faced. I talk about her likes and dislikes about learning Maths. This gives me a better picture about what she is going through.

Step 3: I want to ask your child to do a few questions of a topic that she is confident in. We want to see her at her best. I will be able to identify some strengths that she can tap into.

Step 4: Lastly, I want to ask your child to select 1-3 hard questions which she has already been taught but always stumble upon. This is where I showcase to your child whether I can communicate effectively to her.

Step 5: I want to spend a few minutes with you and your child, to explain what I have observed during the session. Using my SWOS template, we will explore the Strengths, Weaknesses, Obstacles and Strategies of your child.

After this we will end the meeting. You are encouraged to have a chat with your child about whether to commence lessons with me. I would really want you and your child to reach a joint decision. A willing and eager learner will make learning so much more effective.

We save everyone’s time for the long term by spending time in the beginning.

How do I start?

Register your interest by filling in the form. I will get in touch with you to guide you in setting up your device, and on how to get into the virtual classroom.

Duration: 45-60 minutes

Fee: S$50