Why Small Group?

Large classes used to be very popular in the past, however nowadays more and more parents feedback that their children don’t receive the attention they need.

One-to-one tuition promises undivided attention from the tutor but learning can become a lonely affair.

Small groups, consisting of 3-6 learners, is a good balance between a large class and one-to-one tuition.

In a small group tuition setting, learners experience the benefits of:

  1. Attentiveness from tutor
  2. Customized learning plans for every learner
  3. Peer support and camaraderie

Since 2012, I have started conducting small group tuition.

In 2019, I moved my small group classes online.

How Are Lessons Conducted?

There are three parts to the each lesson.

Part 1: Review

Go through past week homework. Clarify any doubts.

Part 2: Discover

Introduce the next concept or formula. I typically go through a worked example, carefully explaining the rationale behind every step. This is followed by students trying out a similar question. Any doubts are clarified.

Part 3: Reflect

Gather feedback and brief about homework.

Why People Fail In Maths?

The three biggest reasons for learners to do poorly in Maths is this:

  1. Lack of understanding
  2. Lack of exam strategies
  3. Lack of practice

I help my learners tackle the first challenge by focusing on clarity in lessons. I have 14 years of experience in doing this.

I help them tackle the second challenge by putting them through exam simulations and coaching them on exam techniques, e.g. time management.

However, I will make it very clear right from the start, that if a learner does not put in effort to practice after lessons, and do the assigned homework, there is no magic that will help him or her improve.

Learner’s Commitment

Homework is issued via a PDF sent through WhatsApp.

Answers, but not working, are provided to allow student to self-check their results.

Whether they got their answers right, students are required to send me their solutions via WhatsApp AT LEAST 1 DAY before the actual lesson.

Removal From Class

If a learner do not stick to his or her commitment, I reserve the rights to remove him or her from my class.

Lesson Schedule (updated on Apr-2020)

Sec 2 Maths (Express)Monday 7-8.30pm
Sec 2 Maths (Normal Academic)Thursday 7-8.30pm
Sec 3 Additional MathsWednesday 7-8.30pm
Sec 4 Additional MathsTuesday 7-8.30pm

All lessons are conducted online through a virtual classroom powered by ClassDo.com.

Watch demo video here.

Lesson Rates (updated on Apr-2020)

Sec 1 / Sec 2 MathsS$ 70 per lesson
Sec 3 / Sec 4 E-MathsS$ 70 per lesson
Sec 3 / Sec 4 Additional MathsS$ 70 per lesson

Duration and Frequency:

Recommendation duration for each class is 1.5 to 2 hours.

Recommended frequency is to meet once per week.

Extra lessons can be arranged based on learner’s needs.

Take Action

If you are keen to learn Maths from me, I’d like you to schedule for a FREE First Impressions trial class. First Impressions is my proprietary way to assess whether there is a teacher-learner synergy so that I can help you better.

Got questions?

Feel free to contact me at jason@lovetolearnsg.com or WhatsApp. Even if I cannot serve you due to schedule clashes or other reasons, I might still be able to tap into my network of excellent tutors and give you some solid recommendations.

Great to hear from you!

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