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Testimonial from Isabel


Testimonial from Vathsalaa


Mr Jason Lee has a systematic approach when he teaches Math.  He will provide formulas and relevant diagrams. Additionally, he goes through the questions and ensures that I understand the concepts well. Most importantly, he sparked my interest in Math! Indeed, my results proved it.  I exceeded my expectations by improving from F to C+!

Mash, Republic Polytechnic

I did well for my UT3, and it was all thanks to the hard work and dedication from my faci Jason Lee. He is able to modify the lesson to suit the class’s needs and makes the class environment fun and friendly. I am able to perform well due to this studying environment and I am able to enjoy and excel in maths with my faci’s full guidance.

Johanthan, Republic Polytechnic

Jason is the most helpful facilitator I’ve ever met. He never failed to help me whenever I am in doubts, even when I did not voice out that I do not understand. He also try his very best to make his lessons fun and interesting. He would also let us watch videos whenever he sees that we are getting distracted or restless. He would still try his best to keep the class interesting even when he is really fatigue. He is a very patient and great facilitator. And I am really thankful to have him as my facilitator.

Yan Huan, Republic Polytechnic

I guess now i love chemistry😂I could never understand it but i think I’ve gathered a passion for learning math and chemistry. If you had not been my math and science tuition teacher, i think i would’ve never found interest in learning those two subjects. I really enjoy going for tuition and i appreciate your teachings a lot because when i first started i was really desperate for help with science and nobody could really help me.

Adeline, IB Diploma program, SJI International

He is a facilitator who has his own teaching method. My teammates and I have benefitted from his facilitation, and the whole team achieved a very good result. I feel very comfortable in his class, which makes me study more effectively than a sleepy class. He played some funny videos to release our tiredness.  The most impressive thing is that: not only does he teach us the academic knowledge but also together with how we should behave in our daily life.  With these, we did make a difference.

Scott, Republic Polytechnic

I can still remember so clearly that when I first joined your class last year, my physic was getting a grade of F9. U told me not to give up and consistently helping me improve by giving me work to do and explaining everything in detail so I could actually understand it clearly. When I am having doubt with some other subject like Math, Chemistry, and u would still help me even though I am not having tuition for the subjects. At the end of the day, not just my physic, but all other subject that u actually help me allow me to score well for my O Level. Ur care and concern for me was just like how parents treat their kids. I can even share some of my problems with u and help me through it. Once again, thanks for your influence in my life and I really appreciate it very much. U did not just teach me the subject but also taught me how to face all the challenges in life bravely. To me, u are the best teacher that I know. Hope u will still be able to continue teaching and leading more students to getting better grades and results. Last but not least, Thanks for all the care and concern that u shown for me and the influence u did in my life.

Yong Qin, Sec 4 student

After going through a great 15 weeks of his facilitation, I have improved a lot on not only Mathematics, but how I work with the people around me. He never fails to make sure that the class is participating actively. When things get dry and everyone is getting sleepy, he will always share with the class funny videos that would crack smiles and lighten the mood in the class. He also has this system whereby the stronger students are given the opportunity to guide their team members. I think this is an effective way as we are more comfortable in consulting with our peers and I have definitely benefitted from this!

Shahadah, Republic Polytechnic

Jason’s facilitation is not changeless. He would arrange various assignments or activities according to the different subjects of the lessons. So we could furthest understand and apply what we were talking about in class. He is a very kind and patient facilitator as well. When I got some confusion about the class, he always taught me patiently. He is also modest about his teaching. He often asked for our comments or suggestions about the intraday lesson. Thanks to his facilitation, I got a distinction for this module. It is privileged for me to have such a capable facilitator in my RP’s study.

Liu Jie, Republic Polytechnic

Your patience with students, motivation, teaching and facilitating improved me drastically. I always look forward to your lessons because it’s just so fun and enriching. You teach us clearly step-by-step and I think that’s the reason I improved from an F to all the way to a B. Thanks Mr Jason, you rock! 🙂

Nadia, Republic Polytechnic

Mr Jason is a really great facilitator. He teaches us really well, even though he is not sure whether we understand or not he took his time to have a class discussion. He make us practice a lot until we understand, he didn’t force us to absorb it quickly but patiently he told us to take our time to understand. I like how he would go around asking us whether we understood or not. He always has ways to make us take a break from mathematics and always make our lessons very interesting and not dull.

Kad, Republic Polytechnic

  • I am very happy with my result for this module. things that i have benefited from the way you teach us will be making us feel independent in the team. you will only come to our team when we are in need of you or when you want to ask us question to check on us if we are understanding the subject for that day lesson. i think that is good because we can learn independently and make us understand clearly about that day lesson.

Huiyu, Republic Polytechnic

  • Mr Jason Lee’s teaching is one of my stepping stone into getting closer to my success. Normally facilitator cares more about teaching rather than listening and understanding student’s difficulties they are facing in their life. Mr Jason is a whole lot more different as he shows respect, patient and constant care for each of us. When I had problems or need a person to share things with, he had always being there listen and best of all he guided me how I should walk my steps to get closer to my goals. He totally gained my respect and this unconsciously makes me more motivated to learn mathematics. I put countless effort and sacrificed my sleep hours to do my best for Mathematics. He even share how application of this maths theory can be applied into real life situation gives me a much easier understand of how it works and I can remember it much more easier. In fact, I found learning mathematics is more meaningful with him guiding me along. I’m really own all my thanks to Mr Jason Lee in giving me his helping hand for both maths and giving personal moral advises/ guidance. Hope to see you again in Republic Polytechnic and hopefully we can have lunch together.

Lewis Tan, Republic Polytechnic