• He is a very engaging and fun facilitator, always looking for ways to teach my class enjoyably. Maths lessons are on Fridays for me, and I not only look forward to Friday because it’s the last day of every schooling week, but also because his lessons are on that day. His classes are very stress-free, and I can learn quickly because I personally don’t do really well under stress. But don’t worry, he doesn’t let the class do whatever they want and go wild; He still takes an amount of control of the class, so much so that we fulfil required tasks by the end of the day.Also, he’s good at teaching the class new concepts and formulas. Students who didn’t understand a single thing at the start of the day, test them anything about the topic at the end of the day and they can give you the correct answer in a split of a second. Basically, if I have to describe him, I would say he’s an all-rounder facilitator who does well both in forming good relations with the students and – obviously – teaching too.

Felicia Chin, Republic Polytechnic

  • Jason Lee is our Maths II facilitator. He is a very friendly and patient facilitator. He would always show concern to all his students and would offer to help his students even though we do not approach him. Whenever we faced difficulties in our learning, he would always help us. He does not mind to explain countless times as long as you understand what he taught which is why I said he has patience. He does not mind to help us after lessons or during the holidays, he even gave us his email so that we can approach him if we faced difficult questions or concepts that we do not understand. He would try ways to make lessons less boring so that we could feel less awkward and uncomfortable with him and make us focus better in class. Most of us like his lessons as we find his lessons less stressful as compared to other lessons that we had in other modules. To me, a caring and patience teacher is important in our learning as he is always willing to help us and we would not be afraid to ask him questions. My Maths has always been my weakest subject and I would always get a border line grade but never did I expect, I can do well for Maths II which make me very grateful to him and really thanks to him, my Maths II can improve so much, which is why I always think he is one of the best facilitator that taught me in RP.

Bernice Goh, Republic Polytechnic

  • Math has always been my weakest subject.  My initial reaction when I saw that I had to take Maths 2 as a compulsory module for my diploma was that I would certainly flunk this module and fail. However, under Mr Jason’s facilitation the module was made bearable.  The classes he conducted were stress free. This enables me to learn productively.  He doesn’t lose his patience easily which helps me a lot in my learning process.  His teaching method is slow and steady in which really improve my understanding and concepts toward the subject. The progressed I made under his facilitation was remarkable. From a lowly grade D for my first understanding test, I managed to score an A for my second and third understanding test. He is definitely approachable, asking him whenever I was in doubt was an easy task and his answers never failed me. Having good relations with the students makes him one of the best facilitator. Therefore, I am definitely really thankful to get him as my facilitator.

Nurul, Republic Polytechnic

  • Thank you so much for your patience in explaining to us whenever we have doubts, enable us to understand the complicated concepts well and I have gotten B+ for UT4! It is fortunate to be in your class and we will never forget the laughter and seriousness we had together as a class. Although it’s about a year ago, but I remember you as one of my favourite facilitators in RP!
    I am sure your current class who have you as their facilitator, they will manage through this difficult module because you teach undoubtedly well.
    Once again, thank you for the incredible 15 weeks of Business Stats.
    Good luck and加油!

Katrina, Republic Polytechnic