I can still remember so clearly that when I first joined your class last year, my physic was getting a grade of F9. U told me not to give up and consistently helping me improve by giving me work to do and explaining everything in detail so I could actually understand it clearly. When I am having doubt with some other subject like Math, Chemistry, and u would still help me even though I am not having tuition for the subjects. At the end of the day, not just my physic, but all other subject that u actually help me allow me to score well for my O Level. Ur care and concern for me was just like how parents treat their kids. I can even share some of my problems with u and help me through it. Once again, thanks for your influence in my life and I really appreciate it very much. U did not just teach me the subject but also taught me how to face all the challenges in life bravely. To me, u are the best teacher that I know. Hope u will still be able to continue teaching and leading more students to getting better grades and results. Last but not least, Thanks for all the care and concern that u shown for me and the influence u did in my life.